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Butler in the buff

You pick a venue, usually a local bar or club. Everyone shows up, novelty items in hand, and the drinking commences. Sound familiar? It’s the most common type of Hen party that gets thrown for a bride-to-be. But, after you’ve been to a few of these, they get pretty boring – and wouldn’t you want someone to throw you an unforgettable party before you get married?

There are plenty of unique Hen party ideas for the party planner who’s been tasked with putting such an important party together. It’s not all about loose tongues and getting so wasted that nobody can remember what happened. From the quiet and inexpensive to the luxurious and rowdy, we’ve put together some of the more unique Hen party ideas for you.


Got a bunch of friends together who actually enjoy the outdoors? Perhaps you want to bring a more natural vibe to the party and move away from the lights of the city? Glamping is a form of camping that’s a bit more glamourous than usual. Instead of leaky and small tents, you’ll usually stay in spacious bell tents, log cabins, or huts. Some companies even offer hot tubs with their Hen party packages! What a combination hot naked butlers and hot tubs.

The Night In

Is your group looking to keep costs low while still having fun? Agree on someone’s house to host the party and have a fantastic night in with your ladies. You can do a whole bunch of activities from your living room and kitchen; including cocktail making, move nights, art sessions, and more!

Naked butler Getaway

Similar to glamping, a getaway party moves all the guests outside of their usual locations. You might hire a cottage somewhere in the countryside or stay in an AirBnB by the beach. The possibilities are endless when you consider how easy it is to rent somewhere online for a night or two. We offer a package you catch out together naked butler entertainment plus more!


Not just music festival events, but any kind of festival! What about a renaissance faire or a medieval festival? These are such unique celebrations of history and culture, and there’s plenty of interesting foods and activities, too! Obviously, they’re a bit more public and you shouldn’t go with the aim of being completely unruly, but for the guests and bride-to-be that prefer to stay sober, there are plenty of things to do that you may not have considered.

Afternoon Tea

You can hire sections of some Afternoon Tea establishments. Many have a basement or separate room just for private parties! Get together with your friends, try the amazing homemade cakes and be fed by chefs without anyone needing to hire a caterer. With limitless tea and the option to have wine or other alcoholic drinks alongside your food, what have you got to lose?

And when you do eventually settle on the kind of party you want, remember to hire some Buff Butlers to serve the needs of your party guests and keep the wildness in your hearts alive! We guarantee that every guest – and especially the bride-to-be – will have the time of their lives. butler


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