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Semi Naked Buff Butlers and Beyond - Elevate Your Party Experience

From UK and Ireland to Ibiza - We Create Unforgettable Memories

Get the Party Started with Buff Body Butlers!


Experience the buzz and exhilaration brought by our semi-naked butlers who know just how to spark celebrations like no others. Get ready for a memorable event that will leave your guests dazzled!


We specialise in providing unique entertainment for a wide range of occasions including Hen parties, Birthdays, Ladies Nights, Charity Events, Baby Showers, Corporate events, LGBTQ+ Events, Divorce parties and more. Yet, why restrict ourselves? Our Buff Butlers are the perfect addition to ANY event that could do with a bit of pizzazz. Don’t hesitate – get in touch with us today and let’s tailor-make a package to fit your needs.


Covering the entirety of the UK and Ireland, we also extend our services to the enchanting island of Ibiza during the summer season. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to sprinkle a dash of magic onto your event!


Elevate your celebration with Buff Body Butlers. Get in touch today to turn your event into an extraordinary affair!


Your unforgettable event is just a click away! Contact Buff Body Butlers now and let’s start creating magic together.

Semi naked Butlers in the buff Liverpool

Why You Should Choose Buff Body Butlers, Male Strippers, and Drag Queens

At Buff Body Butlers, our dedication lies in creating the perfect entertainment package, meticulously tailored to your needs. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we only work with the industry’s crème de la crème – be it Butlers, Male Strippers, or Drag Queens. Each of our artists is an expert in delivering high-calibre entertainment whilst maintaining unrivalled professionalism. We prioritise your safety, enjoyment and complete satisfaction.


What sets us apart is our stellar communication. We take immense pride in collaborating closely with our customers, crafting the perfect package that exceeds their expectations. But don’t just rely on our word – head over to our Facebook page and peruse the hundreds of glowing reviews left by our gratified clients.


If you’re planning a charity event, we’re more than ready to bolster your cause. For every charity event booked with us, we pledge a £10 contribution to your nominated charity – another compelling reason to choose Buff Body Butlers as your go-to entertainment provider.


Experience the exceptional quality of our services first-hand and allow us to take your event to unparalleled heights.


Don’t wait! Reach out to Buff Body Butlers today and let’s create unforgettable moments together.



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So much more than just Naked Buff Butlers

More Than Just Buff Butlers – A Complete Entertainment Experience with Buff Body Butlers!


At Buff Body Butlers, we pride ourselves in offering more than just eye-catching Buff Butlers. We strive to provide a comprehensive entertainment experience that takes your party to a whole new level. Our Male Strippers are set to deliver mind-blowing routines that will leave you and your guests speechless. Boasting some of the best talent in the industry, they’re here to impress.


But that’s not all! We also host a fabulous roster of Drag Queens, ready to add sparkle, glamour, and humour to your event. Their captivating performances will lift spirits, escalate the energy, and create a truly memorable atmosphere.


Regardless of your event’s nature or needs, with our five years of expertise and over 3000 gratified customers, Buff Body Butlers is here to help you assemble an extraordinary event. Be it Ladies Nights, LGBTQ+ events, or anything in between, we specialise in crafting customised packages that cater to your unique needs and desires.


Trust us to make your event unforgettable with our superior entertainment options.


Ready to start planning an unforgettable event? Contact Buff Body Butlers today and let’s get the party started!

Buff butlers for birthday party surprise


Unleash the Cheeky Charm of Our Buff Butlers – Customise Their Mischief Level to Your Liking!


Our handsome Butlers, by default, come attired in a classic black bow tie, white collar, and cuffs – a sophisticated look that suits more reserved crowds. However, if you’re prepared to dial up the cheekiness at your event, we have just the thing – our wildly popular and unashamedly cheeky bottomless apron!


Whether you favour the traditional ensemble or the daring bottomless apron, be certain our Butlers will create a lasting impact on your guests. Their captivating charisma will be the talk of the town for years to come.


Choose your style, embrace the mischief, and allow our Buff Butlers to curate an unforgettable spectacle at your event.


Ready to bring on the fun? Contact us today and let’s craft a cheeky, memorable experience together with Buff Body Butlers!

Butlers in the buff with drag queen

Hen party tips and ideas

Semi Naked Butlers – The Perfect Touch for Any Hen Party!

Feeling the heat of planning an unforgettable hen do as the maid of honour? Look no further! We’ve got all the chiselled abs and peachy bums you’ll need to make it a night to remember. Surprise the bride-to-be with the grand arrival of our semi naked butlers – her reaction will be absolutely priceless. We’re experts at keeping the surprise under wraps until the big day, adding an extra dose of anticipation and thrill to the occasion.


Visit our website to find a selection of hen party games perfect for your night. Start organising interactive games that will keep your party entertained. But that’s not all! We also offer a delectable cocktail menu with accompanying recipe cards that you can print off and utilise. Our Buff Butlers are more than happy to lend a hand in concocting some of your favourite cocktails. If your party prefers a more formal service, our Butlers can also serve afternoon tea and coffee, whilst engaging in relaxed party games.


Feel your hen party could do with an extra dash of excitement? Consider hiring our Male Strippers. These captivating entertainers, with their oiled, sculpted bodies, deliver dazzling and enticing routines that will entertain and engage your guests. They’ll even pose for unforgettable photos, adding that special touch to your celebration.


Ready to add a touch of magic to your hen party? Contact Buff Body Butlers today and let’s create a night the bride-to-be will never forget!

Male stripper and semi naked butler in the buff

Life Drawing models - How it works!

Throw a Life Drawing Party and let the creativity flow.
Explore your creative side at one of our unforgettable life sketching events! Looking for a one-of-a-kind hen party idea that everyone will enjoy? Do not waste any more time searching; simply secure a space at our fascinating life-sketching party featuring gorgeous models.


Sketching Beyond Boundaries: Have you ever wondered how good you are at sketching pictures of people with attractive features? Now is your chance to show off your talents. You may expect to laugh and laugh a lot, during this event. This fun activity is great for easing tensions and cementing bonds of friendship and solidarity.


Curves, Contours, and Creativity: A Fusion of Art and Joy
Over the course of 1.5 hours, we draw from a wide variety of expressive stances. A 45-minute break is built for beverage restocking and an easy progression into the final poses leading to full-on nudity.


The Extra Buff Body Brushstroke: Elevating Your Experience
Choose our life drawing and buff butler experience combined, this is a popular option for birthday and bridal parties.

Next time you’re having a party and you need to add that extra little ‘spice’ to it, let us give that extra twist and make it an event to remember.

There's a reason why Our Buff Butlers, Male Strippers and Drag Queens are EVERYONES favourite!



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