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Terms and Condition

  1. All bookings made with Buff Body Butlers is subject to the following terms and conditions. You are deemed to accept all these terms and conditions upon booking and confirmation via phone, email, letter or upon paying any deposits required.

Once the booking has been accepted and confirmed you have a legally binding contract between you the purchaser of services and us the service provider that is enforceable in English Law and the courts.


‘Booking date’ is the date you accept the quotation for your booking and it is communicated via email, phone or letter or by whichever other means deemed appropriate.

‘Bank Account’ is the business account or any other bank account that is linked to the Buff Body Butlers which is specified on any invoices or communications supplied to you requiring payment for services.

‘Deposit’ is the amount that is requested to secure your booking and retain the services of our butlers

‘Event’ is the function or party that is named in the booking confirmation.

‘Event date’ is the date the booking is to be held on.

‘us, our or similar’ refers to the company Buff Body Butlers

‘you, your or similar’ refers to the person that is being communicated with that made the booking.


We will provide a specified number of staff as discussed and confirmed by both parties for your event.

Our staff will provide a high class service which includes meet and greet, posing for photographs and help with hosting if required. They will also serve drinks food and any other serving duties that are required.

If you have any specific preferences, then we will endeavour to match suitable butlers however it remains at our discretion which ones we send if this is not possible.

You agree to treat all our butlers in a non discrimatory manner and upmost respect that they deserve and extent to you. You are not permitted to encourage or omit any butler to do any of the following at your event

Anything that is illegal or unlawful and could be considered illegal or unlawful in nature

Anything that is unsafe or puts any person in an unsafe position

Anything in which the butler feels uncomfortable

All our butlers are self-employed and are contracted and hired as an independent contractor

If at any point during the event any of these clauses are called into disrepute then the Butler is entitled to leave the event immediately, however no refunds will be paid if this occurs.

Adult Nature of Services

It is presumed that you are aware of the nature of the services and how the butlers will be dressed.

All our butlers are over 18 years of age and it is presumed that all attendees to the event will be over 18 years of age.

Body Buff Butlers accepts no responsibility for any under 18s at your event it is the person organising event responsibility to check the age criteria is fulfilled.

Booking terms

No booking submitted by the customer shall be accepted unless confirmed by an authorized representative of Buff body butlers.

The customer is responsible for making sure the accuracy of the booking and all specific details are provided; This is to be done within 4 weeks or at the earliest time to the booking to enable the company to provide the services requested by you the customer.

Following the agreement of booking it is vital that all terms and conditions are understood and that the customer named has the authority to deal with our company on behalf of the event. If there is a change to the said named customer, then it is compulsory that we are made aware of this at the earliest opportunity otherwise this may cause your event not be supplied.

The lead customer must be authorized to make the booking on the basis of these booking conditions by all persons in the group and their parent or guardian for all group members who are under 18 when the booking is made. We only accept bookings if the lead customer is a minimum of 18 years and older. By placing a booking with us it will be assumed that you acknowledge that the lead customer is aged 18 and above.


Costs quoted to you at the time of your enquiry are correct to the best of our understanding at that time. It is possible that prices may change slightly before any booking is actually made.

We will advise you of any change in price or error of which we are aware before you book with us. We reserve the right to amend and correct errors in price at any time before we confirm a booking.

Once a booking has been confirmed then subject to other clauses in these booking conditions the price will not vary

The customer shall be liable for any reasonable cost incurred by the company in the event of a variation or cancellation of any booking

Corporate rates are eligible if three bookings are made within a 12-month period. Travel cost is a fixed amount and shall be calculated based on the location of the butler in relation to the destination of the event.

Cancellations, Changes and refunds

All deposits vary subject to the service required by the customer. Customers will lose full deposit if they cancel events.

Any amendments to the booking date can only be done up until 7 days before booking, any requests to change the date of booking after this will not be able to be done. Under certain circumstances this can be done up to 24 hours before the booking date.

If at anytime you wish to extend the hours even if it’s at the event itself, you must contact us immediately on the contact details provided at booking. If we are able to agree the additional hours you agree to pay the additional charges by the end of the event or within 24 hours of event ending.

Any changes to booking may be subject to administration charges these will be advised to you upon booking

Risks and responsibilities

The company will not be held liable in any manner whatsoever for the loss of or damage to any property belonging to the customer or venue during the provision of services.

The company shall not be held responsible in any way whatsoever for any offense caused to any person in the provision of services and the customer is held to understand the full nature of the services provided and exercise their full discretion in booking the services of the company.

Should any employee or representative of the company at any time during the provision of services feel the action of the customer and or condition under which the services are to be provided is such as to constitute a threat to their comfort, see clause 2.4 above the company has the right to immediately withdraw and cancel further services to the customer.

The customer will immediately forfeit all funds paid to the company if any of these clauses are not adhered too.


All complaints must be made to Body Buff Butlers as soon as possible to enable a prompt and timely resolution

All complaints must be made in written form so email is preferred with as much detail as possible.

We endeavour to deal with complaints as soon as they come in however if there is a delay we aim to have a resolution within 7 days of complaint being logged and confirmation email of complaint received.

Photographs and photography

Photographs are permitted of our butlers and they will pose with you for a picture

If you tag on social media or send us photographs from events, then we reserve the right to use the pictures as we see fit on websites and social media or as promotional material. We also ask our butlers to capture photo/videos at the gigs if the guest are happy with this this also gives us rights to then use them on our platforms for promo. You can request for photos to be removed via email if needed.

Pictures of your butler maybe sent to you upon request however we reserve the right to change the butler should the one booked becomes unavailable last minute.

We accept no responsibilities for requests for refunds or compensation made by people of your event due to last minute changes

We will make you aware of the change in a timely manner so you are aware of it prior to your event.


All terms are governed by English Law and is enforceable

These do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer

We will not liability damages for any disappointments or inconveniences.

We will also not accept liability for losses suffered by your guests direct or indirect as a result of any breaches, special losses from contract, negligence, tort or any other default by us or our butlers

This does not exclude liability of any personal injury or death caused by our negligence.

This does not exclude any liability for fraud on our part.

We also do not accept liability for any embarrassment or offence caused by our butlers due to the nature and level of nakedness that is required to do their job. Is is presumed that all guests are aware of the butlers and what they wear.