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Party Games hosted by our Buff Butlers are always spectacular!

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No one likes a boring, bland party! We've put together Top 10 Hen party games that will take your party to the next level! We've got something for everyone here, and don't forget to check out our Cocktail Recipes while you're at it.

The 'Mr & Mrs' quiz

Here’s a great game to see just how well the future ‘Mr & Mrs’ know each other. Before the party, have the bride and groom fill out a questionnaire with questions that really test the knowledge of the future couple. The questions should be about their relationship, and the aim is to see how well they know one another. There are no winners or losers, just a good sign of things to come!

Some good questions to ask would include:

Who made the first move?

Where did you meet?

What’s his most annoying habit?What’s his favourite part of your body?

Tasty Treat

Time to test the brides taste buds, in an all-out blindfold tasting session!

For this, you’ll need to get together some food of different flavours, smells and textures. We don’t recommend going too gross, unless you really want a freaked bride (we’re not objecting!).

Blindfold the bride when she’s sat somewhere comfortably, and start getting her to try different things.

Good ideas include:




Raw Brussels Sprouts!


You can let your imagination run wild here, we won’t complain!

Hot or Not

Grab some gold stars and get ready to mark your patch on the men in town.

Lets see who has the best taste in men ladies.

Turn your Hen into a HOT CHICK

IT’S DRESS UP TIME!! There’s nothing wrong with playing dress up, even as an adult, we certainly don’t judge!

So for this one, gather up some items to make the bride look like the ultimate ball babe. It is, after all, her last night of absolute freedom!

Things to use for inspiration:

Fancy dresses

Wild makeup

Wacky tops

Serious heels

Once set, it’s time to take the bride on that last rumble through the streets!

Pass the parcel

A classic, just like you used to play at school!

Prepare some goodies in a parcel with lots of layers. Pick things that the group loves, such as:

Mini alcohol bottles



Sexy underwear!

Pass the parcel around the room until the music stops. That person then unwraps 1 layer of the parcel and gets that goodie!

Scavenger Hunt

Split into two and challenge your bride to a scavenger hunt. May the best lady or ladies win.

Make your own checklist or use ours.

Hen party games - Buff Butlers

Strike a pose and lets do vogue

Fancy yourself as a model of the catwalk? Well, here’s your chance!

For this one, you’re going to need toilet paper… A LOT of it. The aim is to create the best toilet paper gown in town. Because, you know, that’s what people do!

But don’t hang around, you’ve only got 10 minutes to get it done before times up!

Celebrity who am I?

Grab the post ladies and get creative! Think bold and funny. Place them upside down on the table so no one can see who’s who. Slowly, one by one, pick one up and place it on your forehead… letting the bride go first.

Remember you only get 15 ‘yes or no’ questions to ask. If your unsuccessful in getting your celeb right then time to down 2 shots.

Trip down memory lane

Who doesn’t like a bit or reminiscing? Remembering the days long gone by, all the fun and adventures… all the funniest moments of our lives.

So, you’re going to see just how good the bride’s memory is. Get some paper and cut it into small slips. Everyone in the group gets a slip and writes down a memory they have with the bride, and places in a hat (ok, a vase or bowl will do, because no one wears top hats these days!). What ever happens, don’t let the bride see what you’ve written.

Now it’s time to see just how good the bride’s memory is by her having to state the event or episode in time that each specific event took place.

For each wrong guess, she has to down a sip of her drink. Guess where this is going?

Leave the bride a hen party gift

Gift time is always special. The aim here is to find a gift unique to your relationship with the bride, something that will represent your friendship and time spent together.


This is your chance to really stretch your imaginative legs and go that extra yard to find something that is undeniably ‘you’. At the end of the party, it’s hand over time. Alternatively, you could leave it somewhere more discreet where the bride will find it after it’s all over (but don’t do this if you’re in a restaurant, otherwise someone else will enjoy the spoils of your gift!)