semi naked butlers with bums Leeds


A naked butler is a popular type of entertainment used at hen parties and for corporate entertainment. It was introduced into the UK in the early 2000s and is now popular across the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

Naked butler

Naked butler

Naked butlers in action serving guests at a hen party.

Naked Butler Attire

The standard attire for a naked butler is only an apron with bum on show or if you party is more reserve you can have trunks/black formal trousers all come accompanied with detachable Collar, cuffs and bow tie. It is seen as a more conservative entertainment option to hiring a male stripper for a Bachelorette party as it can be suitable for a broader range of guests.

Topless waiter

In this case the apron will be replaced with smart black trousers. This option may be more commonly used during corporate entertainment where the attire needs to be smarter and the exposing of a butler’s naked bottom is not appropriate.

Naked butlers have become a popular television shows in the UK and this is demonstrated by appearances on TV shows including deal or no deal, only ways is Essex, come find with me and more.. In February 2005, the role and job of a naked butler was discussed in the documentary Going to work Naked on ITV. In 2018, naked butlers were part of an international news feature after being hired by a retirement home as part of the resident’s wish program.