Hen Party Checklist

hen party checklist

The bride-to-be can’t wait for her hen party, and careful planning ensures it’s amazing. What you need is a hen party checklist. The venue sets the mood, making everyone feel ready to celebrate. Invitations get everyone excited and tell them everything they need to know. Fun activities bring everyone together and make memories that last. Icebreakers help everyone feel comfortable and friendly from the start. 

Having the bride’s mom there adds a special family touch. Hearing from the groom makes it even more personal, showing their love story. Each part makes the party feel perfect and full of happiness. Forgetting anything could make it less fun. With a good hen party checklist, the party will be unforgettable in all the best ways.

Top Hen Party Checklist


Planning a hen party is super exciting but can also feel overwhelming. You want to ensure the bride-to-be and guests have the best time ever! Picking the perfect venue is a big deal and one of the first things you must do from the checklist for a hen party. The venue sets the vibe for the whole party and makes a big difference in how much fun everyone has. So, think about what the bride likes, how much you want to spend, and how many people are coming. 

The venue should match the party theme and activities, whether you choose a lively nightclub, a cozy country spot, or a fancy spa. It’s really important to book early so you can get the place you want and make sure everyone has a great time without any stress.


Sending out invitations is the official start of the hen party fun and brings together all the bride’s favourite people. Paying attention to all the little details is important when making the invitations. Ensure to include important stuff like the date, time, where it’s happening, any dress code, and when they must RSVP. 

Personalised invitations are a nice touch and show your guests how much you care about them. Whether you go for fancy paper invites or send them digitally, they should match the party’s style and vibe to excite everyone. Providing clear information helps guests get ready for the party and ensures lots of people come and have a great time. 


Once you’ve sorted out the venue and invitations, it’s time to plan some fun activities for the hen party! Many options exist, from games and crafts to outings and spa treatments. Make sure to pick things the bride will love. Think about including activities that let everyone bond and make memories together. Make sure it suits the group and keeps everyone involved. 

Remember to schedule some downtime for chilling and chatting between all the excitement. Everyone needs to have a chance to relax and catch up during the party. So, prepare for some awesome activities that’ll make the hen party unforgettable!

Ice Breakers

Icebreakers are super important for getting everyone chatting and feeling friendly, especially if they don’t know each other yet. Pick games that get people talking and laughing so everyone feels welcome and happy. There are tons of options, like “two truths and a lie” or sharing fun memories. 

Choose ones that fit your group and make sure everyone feels included. Keep things light and fun to help everyone relax and have a good time right from the start. Giving everyone a chance to connect and make friends sets the stage for an awesome hen party that everyone will remember fondly. 

Semi Naked Buff Butlers

For some extra fun and luxury, think about hiring semi-naked buff butlers to spice up the party! These charming servers can help with drinks, lead games, and pose for photos, making the celebration extra special. Just talk about any rules or requests beforehand so everyone’s comfortable and has a great time. If it’s a cheeky cocktail hour or a fancy dinner, having buff butlers around will make the hen party memorable. Get ready for some unforgettable moments with these dashing servers!

Hen’s Mum

Even though the hen party is all about the bride-to-be, it’s important to include the hen’s mom, too! Make sure she feels like part of the fun. Consider what she likes and ensure she’s comfortable with everything, from the activities to where you stay. Showing her how much you appreciate her with a thoughtful gift or a nice toast will make her feel even more special. Remember to include the hen’s mom in the celebrations and make her feel loved and valued.

Info from Groom

Getting the groom involved in the hen party adds a sweet touch and makes it even more special for the couple. Talk to him to see if he has any ideas or requests for the party. Whether it’s a surprise performance, a video message, or a meaningful gift, including things representing the couple’s relationship makes the celebration even more heartfelt. Including the groom’s input will make the party feel extra meaningful and show how much their love means to everyone.


Planning a hen party is all about the little things and ensuring everything is right. Every detail matters for a party to remember, from picking the venue to adding personal touches. Keeping everyone in the loop and ensuring everyone feels included guarantees the bride-to-be and her crew an amazing time. Here’s to a hen party checklist full of fun, love, and moments to treasure forever!