Buff Body butlers for Corporate Events

Butlers in the buff Cardiff serving cocktails

Hire our Buff Body Butlers- the best and most adaptable hunky butlers in the game who will take your corporate event to the next level! We bring a professional approach to a fun and memorable party, with our Buff In The Butlers they’re not only fun and engaging, they’re also professional when required.

Office meetings, business gatherings and business lunches can be among the most BORING events to attend. That’s where people don’t interact with the function of what’s happening, and your event becomes another wasted line in the diary. The only thing people attending look forward to is the coffee, tea and biscuits, Buff Body Butlers are here to put a stop to this. Make yours Corporate event unique and stand out from the bog add a bit of eye candy which your attendees will be chatting about for years to come.

Dressed in black trousers with bow-tie and cuffs, we deliver an experience that will complement the event, and be the star of social media in your profession! Everyone will be talking about this for weeks because after all, you had the hottest buff butlers in town!

We have the largest social media presence in the UK for our Buff butlers, mainly because of the outstanding reputation that we have gained by being some of the best not only in the UK, but also in Ireland and Ibiza.

Our buff butlers aren’t just great looking hunks, they’re also great at keeping the event alive with playful party games and making cocktails! Yes, that’s right, our butlers are also able to make you cocktails right on site.

Why Our Semi naked buff body butlers

We have been entertaining the crowds for over 5 years now, and have been responsible for over 3,500 happy customers not just here in the UK, but also in Ireland and in Ibiza. Our experience makes us second-to-none when it comes to bringing a fun filled atmosphere to any party or event, and corporate events are no different. No one likes to just sit in a room and watch presentations and listen to numbers. Add some spice to that event that would otherwise drag.

Whether you’re just looking for a buff butler to serve your guests drinks as they enter, serve throughout the event itself or to mingle and interact with your guests, we can cater for all that and more while keeping the business decorum up to standard.

buff body butler

Depending on the type of event we can assist with community builders which will help break the ice between your attendances, Our Buff butlers can also facilitate some tailored games and entertainment for people on their breaks to help keep them in good spirit and add some something different to their day and have some fun. We have a selection of great games that our semi naked butlers love to share with your guests.

With Buff Body Butlers on hand, we can make any event or party and unforgettable experience, where you guests can relax and have some fun!

What makes our Buff Body Butlers stand out

Go and have a look on our social media pages. We are the most followed in our sector! We have a whopping 5K plus followings on Instagram – @buffbodybutlers. If you don’t follow us already, then you are missing out. We show all of our fantastic Buff Butlers on there – and we even throw in a cheeky video every now and again!

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