Hen party games with Buff Butlers

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For the ultimate in entertainment, you can’t beat our collection of fantastic hen party games and more.

Whether you’re trying to bring everyone together or your just looking to up the volume on your hen party or birthday, your Butler in the buff will be happy to open up the party box to a world of fun.

Why not pick a theme for your party and use one of our games as the centrepiece for the whole night?

Here are some of our favourite Hen party games which we know you’ll love:

Turn your Hen To be into a HOT CHICK

IT’S DRESS UP TIME!! There’s nothing wrong with playing dress up, even as an adult, we certainly don’t judge!

For this one, gather up some items to make the bride look like the ultimate ball babe. It is, after all, her last night of absolute freedom!

Things to use for inspiration:

  • Fancy dresses
  • Wild makeup
  • Wacky tops
  • Serious heels

Once set, it’s time to take the bride on that last rumble through the streets!

#1 Hen Party Game – Trip down memory lane with buff butlers

Who doesn’t like a bit or reminiscing? Remembering the days long gone by, all the fun and adventures… all the funniest moments of our lives.

So, you’re going to see just how good the bride’s memory is. Get some paper and cut it into small slips. Everyone in the group gets a slip and writes down a memory they have with the bride, and places it a hat (ok, a vase or bowl will do, because no one wear top hats these days!). Whatever happens, don’t let the bride see what you’ve written.

Now it’s time to see just how good the bride’s memory is by her having to state the event or episode in time that each specific event took place.

For each wrong guess, she has to down a sip of her drink. Guess where this is going?

An evening with our butlers can serve as an excellent birthday or anniversary gift for that someone who would love a special gift from the heart!

Why are our butlers in the buff Hen party games so popular?

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