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Our hunks in trunks and buff butlers are available through St Albans

Ever fantasised about a naked butler coming to your home or event to serve your every wish, do you imagine him topping up your glass of champagne, offering you strawberries on a plate and just pampering you to excess, prices starting from as little as £50 per hour!

No need to fantasise any longer ladies! Our Buff Body Butlers are here to help.

Our Services

Buff butlers, naked waiters, strippers & drag queens, naked chefs occasion hen parties, birthday parties, ladies nights, charity events, baby Showers, LBGTQ+ events, divorce parties, corporate events plus any other special occasion.

About St Albans

There’s always something for you in St Albans. History in every footstep, a pub at every turn, and beautiful places to simply stop and soak up the magical atmosphere. Venture beyond the city limits and you’ll find more delights, from a working watermill to Britain’s newest forest.

For a perfect daytime activity why not book you and the ladies an absolute treat, a nude life drawing class is the ultimate in hen heaven. A super sexy model wearing absolutely nothing!


Anyone looking to have a few drinks while enjoying live music will find that the Lemonrock is one of the best places in St Albans. There is a wide range of bands and acts playing every week, and no matter what sort of music you enjoy, there is likely to be something of interest. With jazz, pop, folk and rock on the cards, the Lemonrock is the ideal destination for people who like to see live bands in action.


When it comes to clubbing, there are plenty of options on offer. At the weekend, Club Batchwood comes alive and this is one of the most stylish and attractive venues in the area. If you feel that your night won’t be complete until you party under an 18thcentury chandelier, this is the venue for you.

Travel Options


There are a range of taxis and public transport services available.

So to find out more about our sexy services, enquire now.