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We have a range of naked butlers, naked chefs and strippers available in Sheffield:

Ever fantasised about a naked butler in the buff coming to your home or event to serve your every wish, do you imagine him topping up your glass of champagne, offering you strawberries on a plate and just pampering you to excess, prices starting from as little as £40 per hour!

No need to fantasise any longer ladies! Our Buff Body Butlers are here to help.

Our Services

Buff butlers, naked waiters, strippers & drag queens, naked chefs occasion hen parties, birthday parties, ladies nights, charity events, baby Showers, LBGTQ+ events, divorce parties, corporate events plus any other special occasion.

About Sheffield

Sheffield is a vibrant city bursting with character and creativity, Formerly famous for its stainless steel cutlery, the hollowed-out husks of its once mighty factories and foundries now contain galleries, theatres and museums. Even the city hall doubles as a comedy club!


Don’t be put off by its industrial image – Sheffield has plenty of peaceful green spaces, parks and gardens, even right in the heart of the city centre. It may have taken a while to move on from past glories, but the city is fast becoming a wonderful place to explore.


Sheffield has so much to offer from our collection of charming and cheeky naked butlers to beautiful landmarks. Learn more about the top 10 things to see and do here.

Sheffield is definitely one of our most recommended locations for you to enjoy your hen weekend!


Whether it’s sipping a couple of cocktails or partying at a club, Sheffield has a lively night-time scene where spirits are high all year round.


Thanks to the compactness of the city centre, Sheffield lends itself well to a night out, particularly if you want to experience a variety of establishments without having to catch a cab every time you move onto a new nightspot. West Street, Carver Street and Division Street adjoin to provide the main circuit of bars and pubs, though each street maintains its own distinct character.


The West Street strip is the biggest and busiest of the three, where larger chains intermingle with independents. On Carver Street, you’ll find a cluster of bars/small clubs which open to the early hours playing a diverse range of music on different nights and host VIPS in exclusive areas, while Division Street has a more relaxed bohemian vibe.

Travel Options

Sheffield can easily be explored on foot. There are a range of public transport services and taxis available too


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