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We provide top-notch buff naked butlers throughout Ripon:

Ever dreamt of a naked butler at your service for your event? Imagine him refilling your champagne glass, presenting you with strawberries, and delivering unrivalled pampering. Prices begin from a mere £55 per hour!

Ladies, your fantasies are about to become realities! Our Buff Body Butlers in Ripon are all set to enhance your event experience.

Our Services

Buff Butlers: Providing charm, charisma, and dedicated service.

Naked Waiters: Offering attentive service and unforgettable experiences.

Strippers & Drag Queens: Delivering mesmerizing and thrilling performances.

Naked Chefs: Combining culinary expertise with a touch of excitement.

Events Catered

Hen Parties: Exciting entertainment options.

Birthday Parties: Memorable performances to ignite celebration.

Ladies Nights: Enchanting, entertaining evenings.

Charity Events: Glamorous and exciting enhancements.

Baby Showers: Joyful, memorable entertainment.

LBGTQ+ Events: Inclusive, diverse, vibrant options.

Divorce Parties: Exhilarating entertainment to mark new beginnings.

Corporate Events: Extraordinary experiences with lasting impressions.

Special Occasions: Tailored services for any event.

About Ripon

Located in the borough of Harrogate, History is everywhere you look in and around this city including a 7th Century Cathedral and atrio of museums which explore the theme of law and order over past centuries, the history of Yorkshire is woven into its streets alongside eclectic shops, cafés and galleries.


Around the town are some dramatic sites from many key points in English history, from an abbey dissolved by Henry VIII to stately homes both 18th Century and medieval in their origin all of which retain much of their original grandeur. Speaking of dramatic, another dramatic site that can be found is our gorgeous naked butlers! Charming, handsome and so sexy, our collection of Ripon Buff Butlers are undoubtedly the finest – with smiles so scrummy and abs so yummy – your group will thank you for this little gift.


Ripon’s town centre offers a wide variety of things to do after dark, to suit all budgets and age groups. If your taste runs to big clubs with DJs spinning the latest in dance music, you’ll find them here. But you’ll also find jazz and blues venues with a more laid-back vibe.


It’s big, it’s fun, and it’s very popular. No, it’s not our buff butlers, It is Ripon’s premier nightclubThe viper rooms and is a must-visit.

Travel Options

Ripon is the perfect place to explore on foot. The city also offers plenty of buses and taxis that are all reasonably priced.


Our buff butlers are available, enquire now.