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Hot Buff Body Butlers in Plymouth

Add a twist of excitement to your events with our naked butlers in Portsmouth:

Ever dreamt of a handsome, naked butler attending to your every need at your party? Do you picture him refilling your champagne, serving you strawberries, and providing exceptional service that leaves you pampered? Now, this is not just a fantasy, but a reality we can deliver with our Buff Body Butlers in Portsmouth, prices starting from just £55 per hour!

Ladies, it’s time to transform your events! Enjoy the luxury of our Buff Body Butlers.

Our Services

Buff Butlers: Providing charm, charisma, and dedicated service.

Naked Waiters: Offering attentive service and unforgettable experiences.

Strippers & Drag Queens: Delivering mesmerizing and thrilling performances.

Naked Chefs: Combining culinary expertise with a touch of excitement.

Events Catered

Hen Parties: Exciting entertainment options.

Birthday Parties: Memorable performances to ignite celebration.

Ladies Nights: Enchanting, entertaining evenings.

Charity Events: Glamorous and exciting enhancements.

Baby Showers: Joyful, memorable entertainment.

LBGTQ+ Events: Inclusive, diverse, vibrant options.

Divorce Parties: Exhilarating entertainment to mark new beginnings.

Corporate Events: Extraordinary experiences with lasting impressions.

Special Occasions: Tailored services for any event.

About Plymouth

Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City, it is one of Europe’s most vibrant waterfront cities, with so

much to explore. There’s something for every traveller to experience in this historic city! Located in one of the most beautiful locations imaginable, Plymouth is sandwiched between

the incredible South West coastline and the wild beauty ofDartmoor National Park.

There’s everything you’d expect to find in a cool, cultural city with great shopping, arts and entertainment.

Visit the Barbican and Sutton Harbour for quaint cobbled streets and a wealth of independent shops and restaurants. Here you’ll also find the National Marine Aquarium – the UK’s largest with more than 4,000 animals.

But there’s also hundreds of years of history to uncover, from Sir Francis Drake and the Spanish Armada to theMayflower sailing in 1620.

Speaking of uncovering, one of Plymouth’s best kept secrets is our Buff body butlers. Our naked butlers are available but not only to look gorgeous and welcome your guests, your buff butler will be making sure that there isn’t an empty glass in the house whilst also serving up the nibbles. Our hunky muscle-men butlers will be only too happy to host your party games, pose for photos.


s there anything better than enjoying great live music or a night out with friends? Plymouth comes alive after dark with a buzzing nightlife scene, so there’s still lots to enjoy once the sun has set.

Plymouth boasts an incredible mix of pubs, bars and clubs, an action packed live music scene and some of the best comedy gigs around.

Pleasure seekers can head inside the bijou bars and cool, slick cocktail lounges of the historic Barbican and Sutton Harbour, or make the most of long summer evenings at the alfresco tables that pop up outside almost every watering hole along the harbour.

Travel Options

There are a range of public transport and taxi options available at reasonable prices.


So to find out how we can make your event in Plymouth even more stunning, enquire now.