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Buff Body Butlers in Peterborough – Spicing up Your Events!

Spice up your event with our charming buff butlers in Peterborough:

Have you ever dreamt of a semi-naked butler attending your event, topping up your champagne, offering you fresh strawberries, and ensuring you are pampered beyond measure? Our Buff Body Butlers in Peterborough are ready to turn that dream into reality, with prices starting from as low as £55 per hour!

But it’s not just about serving drinks and food – our butlers are well-versed in hosting games like the Mr. and Mrs. quiz to keep your event lively and entertaining.

No need to keep fantasising, ladies! Bring the excitement to your party with our Buff Body Butlers.

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Buff butlers, naked waiters, strippers & drag queens, naked chefs occasion hen parties, birthday parties, ladies nights, charity events, baby Showers, LBGTQ+ events, divorce parties, corporate events plus any other special occasion.

About Peterborough

If it’s a laid back and relaxed vibe you’re looking for on a hen night, then this seaside resort for surfers and beach lovers is undoubtedly the place to go.


Peterborough is a warm-weather wonderland with 15 glorious beaches and hundreds of brilliant attractions – not least the dining and nightlife scenes – it’s no surprise that the town’s population increases immensely during the summer months!


For a perfect daytime activity why not book you and the ladies an absolute treat, a nude life drawing class is the ultimate in hen heaven. Our super sexy naked butler in nothing more than… no nothing! The perfect oppurtnuity so  you can sit back, enjoy the view and draw his naked body until your heart’s content!


If your natural habitat is the pub, the café of the theatre..if you are a party animal or a cultural maven..you’ll be right at home in Peterborough.


Each spot has its own speciality; each caters to its own crowd. Most of the action is downtown in the older part of the city. Start on Hunter Street and walk wherever fate leads you. The fun is in discovering a place that suits your style or mood—musically, personally and gastronomically.


The downtown scene is the perfect way to start an evening… and the perfect way to end one, too. Peterborough’s nightlife is extremely unique, Where else can a visitor slip into the city to sample the urban scene before slipping back out to the beach?

Travel Options

Peterborough is the perfect place to explore on foot. However the city offers plenty of buses and taxis that are all reasonably priced too!


So to find out how we can make your event in Peterborough even more stunning, enquire now.