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Buff Body Butlers in Nottingham – Unforgettable Party Experience!

Get ready for an unforgettable experience in Nottingham with our charming naked butlers:

Ever dreamt of a semi-naked butler serving at your party, filling your champagne glass, offering delicious strawberries, and ensuring you and your guests are pampered to the hilt? The time for dreams is over and the time for reality begins now, with our Buff Body Butlers available in Nottingham, prices starting from only £55 per hour!

Say goodbye to traditional and hello to extraordinary. Our Buff Body Butlers are not just there to serve drinks; they are also professional entertainers, ready to host a variety of party games and make sure everyone is having a blast.

So why wait? Take your event to the next level today! Contact us to book your Buff Body Butler in Nottingham, and let’s create an event that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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About Nottingham

Home of legendary outlaw Robin Hood, dynamic culture, rich history and sporting glory – Nottinghamshire is one of the UK’s top destinations for your hen weekend away with the girls, and a warm welcome always awaits you, Our buff body butlers are not only there to look gorgeous and welcome your guests, your butler will be making sure that there isn’t an empty glass in the house whilst also serving up the nibbles. Our hunky muscle-men butlers will be only too happy to host your party games, pose for photos and make a big fuss of the bride-to-be too. 


In Nottingham you’ll find secret cocktail bars, proper traditional pubs, indie cinemas, chic nightclubs and live music venues galore. Nottingham is vastly diverse when it comes to nightlife, so when darkness falls, there are plenty of places to play. 


Nottingham’s live music scene has been thriving for over a decade, with stars such as Jake Bugg, Sleaford Mods, Natalie Duncan, London Grammar and The Invisible Orchestra all hailing from the city and bringing a flavour of Nottingham’s unique character to the world. But there are still countless acts keeping it local, with live music in many of our fantastic bars and venues almost any night of the week.

Travel Options

Nottingham is the perfect place to explore on foot. However the city offers plenty of buses and taxis that are all reasonably priced too!

So to find out how we can make your hen night in Nottingham live long in the memory, enquire now.