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Experience the ultimate party in Norwich with our buff butlers ready to host games and add a touch of charm to your event:

Have you ever fantasised about a semi-naked butler attending your party, serving champagne, presenting strawberries, and pampering you and your guests? Dream no more, because our Buff Body Butlers are here to make that a reality, with prices starting from just £55 per hour!

Say goodbye to ordinary parties and hello to an extraordinary experience. Our Buff Body Butlers in Norwich are not just about serving drinks; they’re also skilled entertainers, prepared to host party games and ensure everyone has a fabulous time.

Upgrade your event today! Contact us to book your Buff Body Butler and let’s create a party in Norwich that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Our Services

Buff Butlers: Providing charm, charisma, and dedicated service.

Naked Waiters: Offering attentive service and unforgettable experiences.

Strippers & Drag Queens: Delivering mesmerizing and thrilling performances.

Naked Chefs: Combining culinary expertise with a touch of excitement.

Events Catered

Hen Parties: Exciting entertainment options.

Birthday Parties: Memorable performances to ignite celebration.

Ladies Nights: Enchanting, entertaining evenings.

Charity Events: Glamorous and exciting enhancements.

Baby Showers: Joyful, memorable entertainment.

LBGTQ+ Events: Inclusive, diverse, vibrant options.

Divorce Parties: Exhilarating entertainment to mark new beginnings.

Corporate Events: Extraordinary experiences with lasting impressions.

Special Occasions: Tailored services for any event.

About Norwich

Norwich is a vibrant, yet safe city in the heart of the picturesque Norfolk countryside in the region of East Anglia. Norwich is within easy reach of London, Cambridge and the Norfolk coast.


Its thriving medieval centre, rich in beautiful historic architecture, is a perfect blend between the past and the present, Includingtwo cathedrals and acastle, there are also plenty of parks and green open spaces to enjoy, as well as an abundance of shopping opportunities.


Norwich is almost as pleasing to the eye as a rippling six-pack covered only by bulging biceps and a beautiful smile. From greeting your guests at the entrance to waving them off at the end – and everything in between – our experienced buff butlers are cheeky and charismatic

or so it seems, with a physique you can’t keep your eyes off and a smile to match – having your champagne poured, your food served or your games hosted has never been so sexy.



Norwich has a great choice of bustling bars and restaurants, perfect for any hen do! Popular spots includeThe Birdcage &Bond No 28.

Our buff butlers can serve you and the girls prosecco or cocktails, play hen party games and pose for pictures.

Travel Options

Norwich offers great reasonably priced public transport however the central town is small and can be travelled on foot.


Our butlers are perfect for any event, enquire now.