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Unleash the Magic of Semi Naked Buff Butlers in Canterbury!

Have you ever imagined a captivating naked butler attending to your every desire at your home or event? Picture him expertly pouring champagne into your glass, presenting delectable strawberries on a plate, and pampering you to the fullest. The best part? Our prices start from as little as £55 per hour!

Ladies, it’s time to turn your fantasies into reality. Say goodbye to daydreaming and hello to the enchanting world of Buff Body Butlers. We are here to make your experience truly unforgettable.

Get ready to be indulged beyond measure with our charismatic and attentive Buff Butlers. Let us add that touch of excitement and luxury to your event in Canterbury.

Our Services:

  • Buff Butlers: Charming and charismatic butlers who provide top-notch service while dressed in an alluring attire.
  • Naked Waiters: Professional and attentive waitstaff who cater to your event’s needs, adding a touch of excitement.
  • Strippers & Drag Queens: Captivating performers who deliver thrilling and entertaining acts that mesmerize the audience.
  • Naked Chefs: Culinary experts who create delightful dishes while adding a pinch of spice and allure to your event.
  • Occasions: Hen parties, birthday parties, ladies’ nights, charity events, baby showers, LBGTQ+ events, divorce parties, corporate events, and any other special occasion.

About Canterbury

Canterbury is known as the beautiful Roman city of the United Kingdom, full of some of the most historical events and landmarks. Places to visit include: the Canterbury Cathedral and the stunning botanical gardens and the famous West gate towers.

This stunning town can only be made even more beautiful with the help of a butler in the buff, our semi naked butlers are available! Whether you want your sexy butler to play party games or keep your drinks topped, hiring our hunks will be the best thing you do!

We have Canterbury’s finest men and butlers in the buff!


Classy clubs and upscale wine bars! Canterbury has all you need to enjoy your hen weekend! However to make your event extra special we would suggest a cocktail class. Our muscular men  will help you and your girls, make your favourite drinks.

Our naked hunks will ensure that your night kicks off the right way!

Travel Options

Canterbury has fabulous travel links, including but not limited to buses, trains and taxis.

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