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Naked Buff Butlers in Lancaster – Add a Dash of Excitement to Your Event

Take your event up a notch with our naked buff butlers, waiters, and male strippers in Lancaster, available from just £55 per hour.

Have you ever fantasised about a semi-naked butler at your event, keeping your champagne glasses filled, serving strawberries with an irresistible charm, and pampering you and your guests to the fullest? Now, it’s time to make those fantasies come true!

Ladies, the moment you’ve been waiting for is here! Our Buff Body Butlers in Lancaster are prepared to make your event an unforgettable one. With their sculpted bodies, captivating personalities, and exceptional service, they’re sure to make your event the talk of the town.

Turn your fantasies into reality! Reach out to us today and let’s plan an unforgettable experience together. Enjoy the thrill, the elegance, and the unforgettable moments that our Buff Body Butlers bring to your event. Because your event deserves the best!

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Buff butlers, naked waiters, strippers & drag queens, naked chefs occasion hen parties, birthday parties, ladies nights, charity events, baby Showers, LBGTQ+ events, divorce parties, corporate events plus any other special occasion

About Lancaster

Lancaster city is located perfectly on the coast of the river Lune, This city offers the perfect destination for a memorable celebration. Lancaster has the longest stretch of Lock Ness canal, totalling 41 miles the historic town and trendy bars and boutiques for you to explore.


Top sights include the Lancaster Castle and the beautifulWilliamson Canal.

But what makes this riverside town so special? Our sexy naked butlers do! Serving appetisers, pouring champagne and hosting party games is just the start of the hunky service our buff butlers can provide, so to find out how Butlers in the buff can make your event one that will live long in the memory. With muscles bulging over the apron, collar and cuffs – it’ll be hard to forget the great service of your very own naked waiter.

So please make an enquiry and let’s discuss what we can add to your party plans in Lancaster!


Hundreds of bustling bars and funky nightclubs, Lancaster is the perfect place to party the night away! Get your dancing shoes on and enjoy a crazy night in theGlow Nightclub, offering a range of VIP booths and tables. This club is a must-visit! Alternatively enjoy some classy cocktails in thePopworld Bar,serving a range of delicious and fabulous mixers.

Travel Options

Lancaster offers a wide range of public transport. However, the city centre can be explored on foot. Taxis are available at reasonable prices too.


To book our butlers in Lancaster, enquire now.